Monday, January 7, 2008

Are you too busy to worship Allah?

If you ever feel too big or too busy to worship Allah, then take a look at this picture.

You need Allah and Allah needs you NOT!

There are millions of other people who will worship Him if you refuse to.

Men and women, old and young, weak and strong, all calling upon Allah in different tongues!

Here we come, Allah, here we come!
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Anonymous said...

subhanAllah this post really touched my heart and shook me up.....i am really enjoying all of your posts. alhamdulillah ALL praise is for Allah SWT who blessed me to go for hajj last yr. it was beyond a doubt the best thg that ever happened to me and i pray that Allah SWT will bless me to come back to visit His House again soon...

Umm AbdulLateef said...

subhanAllah, nothing like tawaf to humble you!

Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah you have brought us these raw pictures of the Blessed House of ALLAH. These pictures are wonderful and clear masha ALLAH. Please dont stop this wonderful virtual trip here, walk me through the rest of your hajj Insha ALLAH.
Jazak ALLAh khair