Monday, January 7, 2008

Are you too busy to worship Allah?

If you ever feel too big or too busy to worship Allah, then take a look at this picture.

You need Allah and Allah needs you NOT!

There are millions of other people who will worship Him if you refuse to.

Men and women, old and young, weak and strong, all calling upon Allah in different tongues!

Here we come, Allah, here we come!
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The First House Built for Allah's Worship on Earth

Can anyone adequately put into words the thrill that goes through your body as you behold the Kaabah?

The corner to the left of the door is the Hajar Aswad corner. The corner to the left of the of the Hajar Aswad corner is the Rukn Yemeni (Yemeni corner). If you are from Yemen and ever get lost in Hajj, just start from the Yemen corner and move on, you may get to Yemen one day!

The semi-circle to the right is the Hijr Ismaeel, and part of it was originally part of the Kaabah, so salah in that portion is like praying in the Kaabah, according to UmmulMumineen, Aaishah(Ra)
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I kissed the Black Stone

What is that act of eebadah, that when you are doing it, no one else in the world can do it until you have finished!

Its kissing the Hajar Aswad!

Note that we kiss the Stone because the Prophet did so,and not because it has any special powers.

The silver casing is not the Black Stone!

There are 8 pieces left of the original stone from Jannah,and they are arranged inside the silver casing.

Yes I kissed it. How? That is a story for another day!
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Drive through Tawaf?

If you ever thought you were special, Tawaf would destroy your illusions.
There are no fast lanes for American citizens, no drive-through lanes for people from red or blue states.
You have to struggle to do Tawaaf just like that poor guy from all those countries that Americans cant locate on the map( isn't that almost all countries?)
Now imagine getting to kiss the Black Stone amongst the millions of people here! I did and so did Sh. Muhammad alShareef!
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Early to Salah or Pray outside the Masjid!

Outside the Masjid Haram
If you are lucky enough to get to the Haram 1 hour before the salah, then maybe you might get a space here!

Amazingly, some pilgrims live here throughout the Hajj season, they dont bother about all the quad-rooms,hajj packages,etc.

May Allah accept our eebadah and theirs. Ameen
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See Makkah and live!

Seeing is believing. So while awaiting my next posts , I am going to serve you an array of pictures taken by my cousin during the Hajj. Its going to be a case of "Hajj as if you were there" InshAllah

Masjid Haram- Where the reward of one prayer equals 100,000 anywhere else! May Allah accept it from the Hujjaj and make it possible for those who aspire to visit His House.
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Wanna go for 2008 Hajj with Muhammad alShareef?

Muhammad Alshareef
Founder/Director of AlMaghrib Institute, EmanRush Audio &

Ma sha Allah, as i'm reading this i'm like, 'Y'know he's right, we did have dinner at Shareef restaurant in Mina.'I'm humming to myself, 'here we come, our lord, here we come'PS: For students and young professionals, our Hajj program for 2008 is already up and open for registration. Check it out:
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Alhamdulillah, this company is in sha Allah going to have access to the US Hajjis as well. So, North meets South - it's available to students and young professionals from Canada AND USA.Call them up and talk to them about purchasing a Hajj package from the USA.

Bello, keep it comin' in sha Allah

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