Monday, January 7, 2008

Wanna go for 2008 Hajj with Muhammad alShareef?

Muhammad Alshareef
Founder/Director of AlMaghrib Institute, EmanRush Audio &

Ma sha Allah, as i'm reading this i'm like, 'Y'know he's right, we did have dinner at Shareef restaurant in Mina.'I'm humming to myself, 'here we come, our lord, here we come'PS: For students and young professionals, our Hajj program for 2008 is already up and open for registration. Check it out:
The group i'm going with this year is offering almaghrib students a super awesome 8 month payment plan. Check it out ...

Alhamdulillah, this company is in sha Allah going to have access to the US Hajjis as well. So, North meets South - it's available to students and young professionals from Canada AND USA.Call them up and talk to them about purchasing a Hajj package from the USA.

Bello, keep it comin' in sha Allah

__________________You in a career in Personal Development Coaching? Only 4 seats left.

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